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Outsource Your E-Forms Projects to Amgraf!

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Due to the growing number of requests, Amgraf opened the E-form Solutions and Services Center to assist our software users and their customers in implementing world class Internet and e-commerce solutions and services. You can now affordably outsource your e-form projects to the Amgraf team!


Let us help you too!

For over ten years Amgraf's professional staff has provided licensed software specifically for e-form design, web site programming, and online intelligent data capture to customers worldwide. Organizations of all sizes trust us because of our unique position as a true e-form technology development company. Our wealth of knowledge and ability to manage e-forms implementation and e-forms systems integration are simply unmatched.

Now at the E-form Solutions and Services Center, we are ready to work with customers on an outsourcing basis to deliver reliable, flexible, and secure e-form solutions on any scale. Amgraf's standard e-forms solutions include local printing and saving, intelligent keystroke capture, online data submission, database connectivity, online data presentation, e-mail, and secure digital signatures. We are available to be your technical team for any e-forms project big or small!

E-Forms Services Now!

Getting started is as simple as sending us your paper business forms (or PDF files) and choosing the feature levels of the e-forms to be returned. Upon receipt of your business forms, a firm cost and delivery time quote will be provided to you no later than the next business day. We also have an interactive e-form on our web site to assist you in selecting services.


Here are descriptions of standard e-forms that we can deliver:

  • Print-on-Demand
    Electronic forms that can be opened, and printed.
  • Fill-and-Print
    These e-forms can be opened, filled out, and then printed.
  • Intelligent Forms
    These are "Fill-and-Print" e-forms that also have calculations and intelligence added to enhance interactivity and validate keystrokes during usage.
  • Database Connected
    "Fill-and-Print" e-forms can be linked to data tables for online data capture directly into a web server database.
  • Workflow Enabled
    "Database Connected" e-forms can have the option to be digitally signed and/or routed via e-mail for workflow purposes.
  • Form Hosting
    Amgraf can securely host your e-forms or supply technical assistance to setup e-forms hosting on your dedicated web server.

Go ahead, give us a try! Your web site users will thank you!




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Amgraf released its first e-forms software product in 1995