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Springtime at Amgraf
Springtime at Amgraf






Many of the largest print manufacturers and governmental agencies in North America
have chosen Amgraf software technology for forms design and management.

Amgraf, Inc. is a leading developer of electronic forms software and solutions. Our e-forms software supports local printing and saving, database connectivity, web-based data presentation, intelligent data capture, online data submission, e-mail, and secure digital signing. We also offer software for the total automation of business forms production. Our prepress capabilities include interactive layout and design, batch composition and pagination, electronic proofing and annotation, imposition and ganging, digital printer interfaces, variable imaging, and complete prepress workflow management.



Highlights in the History of Amgraf, Inc.

Amgraf was founded in 1976 by Franklin J. Garner, III and Robert Kisel. They jointly developed GRAFICA, a sophisticated computer graphics software package that was promptly licensed by many large corporations throughout the U.S. for automated technical publications production.

In 1979, Amgraf announced the plan to simplify the production of illustrated technical manuals through a new software program named MECCA™ (Mechanical Editor for Computer Created Artwork). The new system ran on IBM 360 mainframes, output to Autologic typesetters, and could merge CAD/CAM graphics with batch paginated text.

In 1982, MECCA II was developed for Macy's department store's to help produce Sunday newspaper display ad inserts. The new software included one of the industry's first color WYSIWYG interactive page layout functions. It was controlled by IBM 370 mainframes with dedicated telephone lines to MECCA II stations installed in remote customers' offices.

In 1984, MECCA III was born. The MECCA II composition software was ported largely intact from the mainframe to an IBM PC/AT. New graphic functions were written to enhance the product. MECCA III was previewed at a few graphic arts and CAD/CAM shows in the fall of 1985 and formally announced and shipped in January 1986. Over the next 14 years 1,500+ MECCA III systems were delivered to printing and publishing companies and governmental agencies located throughout North America and Europe.

In 1992 Amgraf introduced PixeLace™ as the first of a series of features to produce high security documents. In 1996, the Triton Remote Proofing software was developed to allow MECCA users to view and annotate their design files on Windows PC's.

In 1997, OneForm™ Designer was developed to convert paper-based business forms to electronic forms for Windows PC's. In 1998, OneForm Designer Plus was developed as a total solution for the production of paper, electronic, and Internet forms.

In 1998, MECCA 2000 was introduced as a replacement for MECCA III.

In 1999, the world feared a technology collapse as Y2K anxiety affected business planning. MECCA 2000 was the right product at the right time!

In 2000, Amgraf developed an extension to OneForm Designer Plus to simplify the production and deployment of Online Internet Order Forms for imprinted documents. This capability is ideal for empowering customers to view and order stationery and other personalized office supplies via the Internet.

In 2001, Amgraf developed and applied for a patent for LogoDot™ as a security document method to embed a corporate logo or other image within the printer's halftone dot.

In 2002, Amgraf joined the Adobe Solutions Network and developed the PDF Forms Generator Module as an option to OneForm Designer Plus.

In 2003, Amgraf developed an interpreter to convert Content Metadata expressed as XML into fully composed fillable forms.

In 2004, we began hosting e-commerce web sites for many of our print manufacturing customers. This service allows our customers to offer Web-to-Print for personalized documents with extremely fast production times.

In 2005, we developed two new enhancements to OneForm Designer Plus. The first was for Accessibility to help create Internet forms for visually handicapped persons. The second was for the automated XML-production of dynamic database-connected reports and statements.

In 2006, we announced the formation of a strategic partnership with Voice Signature LLC, the provider of the VoiceBond™ Web Service - a service that enables companies to collect electronic signatures on important transactions using an ordinary telephone.

In 2006, Amgraf also received nominations for both the Best Software and Best Technology Provider Awards at the Gartner Print & Imaging Summit. The Best of Print & Imaging Summit Awards, which recognize vendors that have demonstrated excellence and leadership in the print marketplace, were voted on by the attending IT executives after reading case studies and attending one-on-one briefings about the solutions.

In 2007, U.S. Patent No. 7,196,822 was issued to Amgraf for the LogoDot security document technology. The patent is “Security Document Manufacturing Method and Apparatus Using Halftone Dots that Contain Microscopic Images”. LogoDot allows a user to capture any image such as a corporate logo, a photograph, or a key word or phrase, and convert that image into a custom halftone dot that replaces conventional round dots typically used in normal commercial printing. Across the street from Amgraf, the Sprint Center Arena opened with a concert by Elton John.

In 2008, Amgraf implemented an online Void Pantograph Service called VoidMaker. This service allows reputable security document printers to obtain copy-resistant graphical effects software to create a document background with a (self-cancelling) Void Pantograph. When photocopied or scanned, the hidden message shows up on the copy.

Amgraf also released the OneForm Designer Plus (OFDP) Forms Portal. The Forms Portal is a browser-based user interface that works through an Internet/intranet connection. The forms portal is a universal starting point for finding, selecting, and opening a variety of electronic forms from a large repository or catalog.


In 2009, Amgraf announced the opening of our new E-form Solutions and Services Center to assist our software users and their customers in implementing world class Internet and e-commerce solutions and services. Also in 2009, the Business Forms Management Association presented Amgraf's president Franklin Garner with the Jo Warner award. The Jo Warner Award is a lifetime award focused on honoring an individual who has made outstanding contributions to the form systems profession.

In 2010, Amgraf added international language support to OneForm Designer Plus so that forms could be composed in any language used around the globe. E-Forms in international languages can also be created, filled-in, and saved into data tables for global e-commerce applications. 2011 was the 35th anniversary of Amgraf, Inc.

In 2012, we expanded our secure data center operations and began forms portal hosting services for several new customers. Amgraf’s e-commerce web sites were certified Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant for secure credit card processing.

In mid-2013, we processed the 500th online application for VoidMaker Pantographs. Each applicant is vetted to insure that they are a legitimate printing company with a bona fide need for security technology.

In 2014, Amgraf added several new Forms Portal customers who collectively have thousands of clients. These users benefit from real-time data capture, validation, printing and reporting in the energy and financial marketplaces.

In 2015, we contracted with the U.S. Census Bureau to develop a next generation international forms design system called the Census Automated Forms Engine (CAFE). The Kansas City Royals were World Series Champions!

In 2016, Amgraf celebrated its 40th Anniversary with a commemorative gift to friends and customers. The special-edition T-Shirt, Coffee Mug and Imprinted Metal Coaster packages were mailed to hundreds of sites worldwide.

In 2017, we expanded our capabilities for pension management systems solutions initiated from the Forms Portal enhancements made for the Baltimore Fire and Police Employees' Retirement System. To better serve that marketplace, Amgraf became a sponsor of PRISM - the Public Retirement Information Systems Management association.

In 2018 we developed HTML5 code generation extensions to simplify the design and deployment of e-forms for mobile-devices. As a real-world demonstration, we mailed hundreds of personalized Christmas cards to our customers and friends that included QR BarCodes which opened pre-populated gift order forms on their cell phones and tablets.

In 2019 we processed the 800th online application for VoidMaker Pantographs. Each applicant is vetted to insure that they are a legitimate printing company with a bona fide need for security technology. Amgraf also filed to extend maintenance of our master LogoDot Patent No. 7,196,822 until January 7, 2025. The OneForm Accessibility Option to create Section 508 compatible PDF documents was re-engineered with more features for both interactive and batch production.

In 2020, we announced the development of our new Forms Portal Graphing Software Option which connects portal table data to interactive charts and graphs. Sprint Corporation and T-Mobile combined after a two-year long approval process on April 1, 2020, with T-Mobile emerging as the surviving brand. Sprint Arena (our neighbor) has already been renamed to be the T-Mobile Center.
The Kansas City Chiefs were Super Bowl Champions!

2021 is the 45th Anniversary of Amgraf. The company was founded in 1976.

In 2021, we contracted again with the U.S. Census Bureau to expand the functionality of the Census Automated Forms Engine (CAFE). Our Forms Portal Graphing Software was integrated into the online Advanced Estimator for Pension Benefits customers. The OneForm Accessibility Option was enhanced to better support the latest recommendations published as PDF/UA (PDF/Universal Accessibility) ISO 14289.

In 2022, the Census Automated Forms Engine (CAFE) developed and maintained by Amgraf was certified by the Section 508 Program Office as having achieved WCAG 2.1 Level A and AA conformance. Amgraf's OneForm Manager Lite software was extended to include an internal SQL database, and renamed the OneForm Local Portal Forms Manager (LPFM). Amgraf became an authorized developer for DocuSign technology and integrated DocuSign Electronic Signature and Remote Notary features into the Amgraf Forms Portal.

In 2023, the MECCA 2000 software was enhanced to be compatible with high-performance laptops using NVIDIA graphics controllers. The MECCA QRCode generator was integrated into OneForm Designer Plus - Universal (OFDP-U). The Kansas City Chiefs were crowned Super Bowl Champions again!

2024 promises to be an exciting year at Amgraf! Many new product features and functions are presently being developed and tested as we begin our 48th year in business. The Kansas City Royals announced their intention to build a new downtown ballpark in close proximity to Amgraf's Headquarters building. The Kansas City Chiefs were crowned Super Bowl Champions for the second year in a row!




Trade Associations Supported by Amgraf

Trade associations serve as the voice of the industries that they represent. Amgraf is proud to be a supporter of the organizations shown on this page, and to contribute, attend, sponsor, and promote their causes. If you have an interest in the printing industry, forms, security documents, pension systems, or their technologies and marketplaces, you should consider joining these associations.


Our Mission Statement

Amgraf, Inc. is a leading software development company dedicated to adding value to industry and government through innovative solutions for the management, production, and utilization of forms, labels, and security documents.

Our Values

Our values as a Company are for the benefit of our customers, employees, and our community.

We treasure our customers and consider their interests as important as our own.


We strive to understand all aspects of the industry we serve, to enable us to design and deliver technology solutions that delight our customers.

We realize that our employees are our greatest asset, and they need continuing education and a safe, secure, well-equipped workplace to meet the Company's demanding quality and performance levels.

We accept our responsibility to the communities we are located in, and insist on the highest ethical standards of conduct for the Company and its representatives.

We know that the Company must be profitable to survive, and that all our goals depend on earning profits from our daily activities.


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