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You can locally fill and save your E-Forms with OneForm Manager Lite
Personal Forms File Manager
with a Lightweight Web Page Server

Smart organizations can easily deploy HTML and/or PDF electronic forms with Amgraf’s free OneForm Manager Lite (OML) software. OML catalogs HTML and PDF e-forms by classification and date, and provides an efficient method to distribute, organize, and manage hundreds of different electronic forms within a disconnected enterprise setting. OML-compatible electronic forms can be created in minutes with Amgraf’s OneForm Designer Plus forms design package. Through OML, users can keep a secure personal copy of every electronic form they fill out. Users can locally open, update, and save their work as needed. When a connection is available, filled forms can be submitted to Internet servers for centralized data collection.

OneForm Manager Lite File Manager

Software to Manage E-Forms in a Disconnected Environment

OML combines a personal web page server with a forms file manager, and runs on a Windows client computer. Within OML, new unfilled e-form templates are saved as containers for data, while form fill data files are separately stored as XML-tagged text. When a user exits after filling-in an e-form, the e-form field data is automatically extracted, optionally encrypted, and locally stored. When a user clicks to open a filled e-form, the empty e-form template is retrieved and dynamically merged with the selected fill data to display as a populated, fillable e-form. E-forms from many sources can be organized and cataloged by OML on an end-user’s personal computer.

OneForm Manager Lite is available free to end-users and can be downloaded by clicking here. Amgraf also allows customers to re-brand and redistribute OML under certain conditions. Please contact an Amgraf representative for details.


Find, Open, Fill, Save, Print, and Submit E-forms with Ease

The OML interface consists of two windows. The top window shows the list of e-forms installed on the OML user’s personal computer, and the bottom window shows all instances of a particular filled and/or submitted e-form. To open an empty e-form, the user locates the desired form from the top list, selects HTML or PDF, and clicks the “New Form” button. To open a previously filled e-form, the user selects the fill file name from the bottom list, selects HTML or PDF, and clicks the “Open File” button.

OML e-forms behave exactly as they would if opened from a web site. The e-form is filled out by keying data into the fill-fields, and closed by clicking the OML button.

OML is the perfect e-forms management companion to other browser-based reader, viewer, and player programs.




OneForm Manager Lite Technical Details

OneForm Manager Lite consists of a lightweight “HTTP Listener” program, based on the popular Apache web server. When OML is started, an unused communications port is allocated at the localhost loopback address, and the listener then waits for data. The OML user finds and opens e-forms through the OML graphical interface. On each e-form, there is an OML Button that is effectively a “Submit Data” button. When clicked, the name/value pairs from the fill-fields are encrypted and passed to the listener, along with the fill file name. The encryption key is computed from characteristics that are unique to each specific e-form. This prevents the OML button from being reused on any other form, and the OML button fails to work if the e-form has been altered in any way, other than by the form originator using OneForm Designer Plus.

OML E-Forms can be Deployed via CD’s, Flash Drives, E-mail, and from web sites.

Amgraf’s Forms Portal also can be used to distribute OML e-forms. The Client simply selects the desired e-form(s) from the Portal’s Form Distribution page then clicks the Install button. E-form installation is immediate and seamless, and upon completion, OML’s list of available e-forms is updated and ready to use.


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