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Key Graphic Design Features of OneForm Designer Plus

Amgraf, Inc. is a world leader in pre-press software technology for manufactured paper business forms. We understand paper forms and believe they will be needed for a long time to come. The advantages of paper forms are obvious. They can be filled-in by anyone at any time, with a simple writing pen or pencil. Paper forms are highly portable, and they act as a permanent record for legal transactions. Despite the explosion of computer technology, many business processes still involve a substantial use of paper forms.


Features for Paper Business Forms Design

OneForm Designer Plus provides the forms professional with all of the necessary layout and make-up functions to compose multi-color/multi-part business forms in either Spot Color or Process Color (CMYK). Powerful MECCA drawing tools along with a comprehensive library of templates, fonts, borders, and pantographs, enable the efficient creation of high quality cut-sheet, continuous, unit set, mailer, and other business forms.

Import Filters

  • Encapsulated PostScript (.eps)
  • Portable Document Format (.pdf)
  • Rich Text Format (.rtf)
  • MECCA Graphic (.g)

Forms Design Tools

  • Draw Functions: Line, Multi-Lines, Set/Change Line Style, Box, Circle/Arc, Spline, Rectangle, Area, Barcode, Import Logo
  • Text Functions: Set/Change Font/Style/Spacing, Justify/Typeset Text, Automatic Hyphenation, Flow Text from Clipboard, Place Text into Box, Immediate Spacing/Leadering Commands, Insert Pi Character, Spell Check
  • Layout Functions: Select, Move, Copy, Rotate, Scale, Measure, Cut, Paste, Change Depth Order, Grid, Ruler, Undo/Redo, Position Assistant
  • View Functions: Spot Color, Process Color, Zoom, Scroll, Set Page Background Color, Show/Hide E-Form Fields

Box Attributes Features

  • Individual Settings for Line Weights of Box Edges and Corners
  • Individual Corners can be Square, Rounded, Inverted-Rounded, or Tapered
  • Fill Box with Flat Screens, Linear Graduated Screens, Logarithmic or Reverse Log Graduated Screens, Radial Graduated Screens
  • Fill Box with Bars or Stripes
  • Divide Box into Rows/Columns
  • Choice of 67 Standard Borders
  • Choice of 73 Standard Pantographs
  • Add User-Defined Borders and Pantographs

Units of Measure

  • Inches, Points, Deci-Points, Picas, Mils, Centimeters, Millimeters

Barcode Symbologies

  • Codabar, Code 39, Interleaved 2 of 5, Code 128, UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN-13, Postal Zip & FIM, Intelligent Mail, PDF-417

Form Templates Library

  • Continuous Forms, Unit Sets, Mailers, Heat-Seals, Custom

Printshop Output Control

  • PostScript Level I/II/III Compatibility
  • 32 Layers/32 Registered Separations per File
  • Up to 16-Part Forms Saved as a Single File
  • Automatic Step-and-Repeat on Output
  • Output Specifications Saved with Drawing

Forms Fielding Tools

  • Automatic Field Placement
  • Interactive Field Placement
  • Fill-Field Types: Text, Numeric, Date, Time, Check Box, Drop-Down List, Signature, Button, Graphic, Variable Text, Layout, Focus
  • Fill-Field Properties: Read-Only, Upper Case Only, Numeric Only, Text Color, Tab Order, Database Access, Help Message, Custom Calculation

Electronic Form Display Properties

  • E-Form looks like a paper business form on the computer screen
  • Print UnFilled (Blank) Form, Print Filled Form
  • Scrollable Display Window, Zoom
  • Show/Hide Fill-Fields

Forms Automation

  • Most web server databases supported (Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, etc.)
  • Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) Compliant
  • XML Data Exchange for E-Commerce Applications
  • Linkable Multiple Page/Multiple Part Forms
  • Conditional Display of Forms
  • Workflow Branching and Routing
  • E-Forms are Compliant with most E-mail systems (Lotus CCmail, MAPI, Microsoft Exchange)
  • Supports Digital Signature with Password Control
  • Includes field calculation wizard for spreadsheet-style arithmetic
  • HTML E-Forms compatible with All Popular Browsers
  • PDF Forms Compatible with free Adobe Reader Version 5.0 or higher

Other Important Features

  • Federal Desktop Core Configuration (FDCC) Compliant
  • Includes Web Server Software for UNIX and Microsoft platforms to simplify getting started with Online E-Forms
  • Secure Server (SSL and HTTPS) Compliant

Bonus Features

  • Includes a library of over 100 pre-designed business forms for general office use
  • Complete On-Line Documentation
  • Amgraf's library of industry-standard borders, pantographs, and blockouts is included in the package
  • Includes 330 PostScript Type 1 Typefaces
  • Includes One-Year Warranty: No Charge for Software Updates or Help Line Support for One Year after Purchase

Requirements to Install OneForm Designer Plus

  • Pentium Class CPU with 2GBytes of RAM and SVGA Display
  • Microsoft Windows NT, Windows Vista, or Windows 7
  • Optional typesetting features require Adobe Type Basics font library
  • Optional PDF Forms Generator requires Adobe Acrobat Professional Edition V5.0 or higher



More features for creating and distributing Electronic forms are described in the OneForm Designer Plus brochure.


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