Amgraf is a leading software development company with innovative solutions for the creation, production, and utilization of forms and security documents.  Many of the largest industrial companies, print manufacturers, and governmental agencies in North America have chosen Amgraf software technology for forms design and management.

Forms are data containers for standardized business processes or procedures. To understand how an organization or enterprise works, look at the forms it uses. If something is important, there is a form for it.

Online E-Form Demonstrations

Application for Employment
Fill, Save, Reopen, Print

Expense Report
Includes Calculations
Fill, Save, Reopen, Print

International Language E-Forms
Examples in Arabic, Chinese,
Bengali, Russian, Hebrew
Fill, Save, Reopen, Print

Data Capture Demonstration
Multiple Input Panels that
Build Dropdown Lists

Electronic Forms Software

We offer a comprehensive suite of electronic forms software and solutions. Our e-forms software supports local printing and saving, database connectivity, web-based data presentation, intelligent data capture, online data submission, e-mail, and secure digital signing.  No client-side filler-license software or license fees are ever required to use electronic forms created with Amgraf OneForm Designer Plus.

OneForm Designer Plus

Windows software for the creation of electronic and Internet forms. Includes business forms composition features from MECCA III for the design of multi-part, multi-color paper business forms. The Stationery Option simplifies the development of Online Internet Order Forms. The PDF Forms Generator creates database-connected and fillable PDF forms.

No Filler Fees

OneForm Manager Lite

Manage e-forms in a disconnected environment. Amgraf’s free OneForm Manager Lite (OML) catalogs HTML and PDF e-forms by classification and date, and provides a simple method to distribute, organize, and manage hundreds of different electronic forms on a Windows laptop or PC. Through OML, users can keep a secure personal copy of every electronic form they fill out. When a connection is available, filled forms can be submitted to Internet servers for centralized data collection.

Amgraf Forms Portal

Online forms catalog with access control and records management. The best way for an organization to manage client access to a large repository of electronic forms is with the Amgraf Forms Portal. The forms portal is a browser-based user interface that works through an Internet or Intranet connection. The forms portal is a universal starting point for selecting and opening a variety of electronic forms. It gives users a convenient place to store database-connected OneForm HTML forms, as well as fillable Adobe PDF forms. 

Print Manufacturing Software

MECCA 2000 Integrated Electronic
Publishing System

Unix-based composition software for the creation of business forms, labels, and security documents. The system includes interactive tools for custom design, and batch composition capabilities for merging variable data into pre-designed templates. It also includes an interface to the Amgraf Online Internet Order Forms software for the total automation of imprinted document production.

Professional Services

Our skilled composition and coding staff can help you with electronic forms and security document projects. Click the links below for more information.


Selected Customer Logos

Customers are the reason we are here. Since starting our company in 1976, we have had the pleasure of doing business with hundreds of companies large and small all over the world. Sometimes customers are only looking for a short-term solution and we part ways after a few months or years. But many customers have continued with Amgraf for 10+ years, allowing us to be an integral part of their forms/documents production and management team.  Please contact us for more information.

Nice Things Our Customers Say

“I couldn’t ask for an easier way to create electronic forms. After converting our forms from several different sources, all we had to do was place fill fields. There was a little frustration at first, but Technical Support from Amgraf got us through that just great!”

Alice Bax - State of Missouri Forms Management

“I have been most impressed using Amgraf’s OneForm because it allows me to design a form simply and quickly. After taking the two-day course, I felt confident enough to immediately design forms for use on the Internet and forms for use in corporate environments. The more I use it, the more I find I am at ease with it. The fact that I can create an e-form for use in large or small environments, without regard for the licensing issues associated with fillers, makes OneForm that much more attractive.”

Spencer Bolesta - USFI

“Having used several electronic form packages in the past, I found OneForm Designer the easiest to use and also very user friendly. You can turn a paper form into an e-form in a matter of minutes instead of hours as with other packages. The ability to re-use artwork already set on MECCA is a real timesaver. OneForm has brought e-form composition from the programmer’s level to the average user level.”

Jon Ehlers - Sterling Business Forms

“I have been using OneForm by Amgraf for six months to design electronic forms for state government. During the evaluation, we put it to the test and in presenting our justifications for purchase, we could only list the advantages of using Amgraf’s OneForm... no disadvantages of using OneForm could be found. After five months, we still haven’t found any disadvantages, just more advantages. Amgraf’s staff is great to work with... they are always there to help in any way they can.”

Freda Simpson - State of Kentucky

Management Team

Franklin J. Garner, III

President and CEO

Robert Kisel

VP Software Development

Huver Hu

Chief Design Engineer

Jonathan Garner

Manufacturing Manager

Debra Poll

Training and Documentation Manager

Raymond L. Garner

Major Accounts Sales Manager

Headquarters Office

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1501 Oak Street
Kansas City, MO 64108

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