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Product Configuration Demonstration using Electronic Forms

Electronic forms are ideal containers to use for data collection and presentation. Amgraf’s OneForm Designer Plus software makes it fast and easy to develop and deploy database-connected electronic forms.


Capturing Keystrokes into Data Tables

As a simple example of the power of this technology, we have created an interactive data capture and presentation demonstration. Six I-forms and five data tables are utilized. In the demonstration, we pretend to be a Product Manager asking for suggestions about the name of a product and its color, a city to manufacture the product, and the selling price. Using OneForm Designer Plus, we constructed four Internet forms for users to submit these small slices of data. We also created an I-form that combines data presentation and data collection, and another I-form that is only used for data presentation.

This demonstration shows that the collection of data can be simultaneously and independently submitted to four separate reference data tables.


We encourage multiple users to go through the demonstration simultaneously so that you will experience the real-time nature of our data collection technology.

The information collected from the four I-forms is instantly available to the imaginary Product Manager through drop-down list choices on the Product Specification I-form. The Product Manager can then review the selections and save combinations of submitted Names, Colors, Cities, and Prices into the Products data table for presentation on the Suggested Products I-form.

The workflow for this database demonstration is shown in the diagram below.

Click here to start the demonstration.




Click here to open the Dynamic Data Collection and Reporting White Paper.


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