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Software Packages for Forms, Labels and Security Documents

Amgraf, Inc. offers a collection of software packages for the total automation of high-volume forms production. Our capabilities include order-entry, data capture, electronic proofing and annotation, interactive layout and design, XML batch composition and pagination, variable imaging, imposition and ganging, digital printer interfaces, and complete prepress workflow management. Many of the largest print manufacturers, governmental agencies, and in-plant printshops in North America rely on Amgraf software technology for their forms development and prepress operations.


MECCA™ 2000 Integrated Electronic Publishing System

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Unix-based composition software for the creation of business forms, labels, and security documents. Includes interactive tools for custom design, and batch composition capabilities for merging variable data and pre-designed templates. Includes interface to Amgraf Online Internet Order Forms for automation of imprinted document production.

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OneForm™ Designer Plus

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Windows software for the creation of electronic and Internet forms. Includes business forms composition features from MECCA III for the design of multi-part, multi-color paper business forms. The Stationery Option simplifies the development of Online Internet Order Forms. The PDF Forms Generator creates database-connected and fillable PDF forms.

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Amgraf Forms Portal

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Online forms catalog with access control and records management. The best way for an organization to manage client access to a large repository of electronic forms is with the Amgraf Forms Portal. The forms portal is a browser-based user interface that works through an Internet or Intranet connection. The forms portal is a universal starting point for selecting and opening a variety of electronic forms. It gives users a convenient place to store database-connected OneForm HTML forms, as well as fillable Adobe PDF forms.

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OneForm™ Manager Lite

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Manage e-forms in a disconnected environment. Amgraf’s free OneForm Manager Lite (OML) catalogs HTML and PDF e-forms by classification and date, and provides a simple method to distribute, organize, and manage hundreds of different electronic forms on a Windows laptop or PC. Through OML, users can keep a secure personal copy of every electronic form they fill out. When a connection is available, filled forms can be submitted to Internet servers for centralized data collection.

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E-Form Solution and Service Center

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At the E-form Solutions and Services Center, we work with customers on an outsourcing basis to deliver reliable, flexible, and secure e-form solutions on any scale. Amgraf's standard e-forms solutions include intelligent keystroke capture, local printing and saving, online data submission, database connectivity, online data presentation, e-mail, and secure digital signatures. We are available to be your technical team for any e-forms project big or small!

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VoidMaker™ Self-Service Void Pantographs

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If you are a legitimate printing company with a lawful need to include security document technology in your printed products, we can help! One of the most effective copy-resistant graphical techniques is to create a document background with a (self-cancelling) Void Pantograph that contains a hidden message. When photocopied or scanned, the message shows up on the copy.

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