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Streamline the Sale and Manufacture of Imprinted Documents

The manufacture of imprinted documents poses many interesting production challenges. Since every individual document can conceivably be unique, the economies of long runs disappear, and the opportunities to fail multiply with each variable that has to be managed. For short run manufacturing, the overhead to simply process an order is a significant issue.

Profitability is the question. Amgraf’s software technology to web-enable client-side order entry, and automate the in-plant prepress workflow, is the answer. Many corporate print buyers already rely on Internet technology to order standard products, and to track the status of accounts, purchases, and shipments. Professional print manufacturers must respond to this trend if they are to remain a supplier in the future.

With Amgraf’s online ordering solutions, customers can easily key in and position their variable information. All imprint data is entered, verified, and proofed immediately by the client who sees an exact replica of his imprinted document, including choices of ink color, paper stock, fonts, and any other variables that are authorized. Logos and photos can be uploaded, inserted, resized and positioned within the online design file.

Amgraf Online Ordering System Diagram
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Amgraf provides a complete online ordering solution ready-to-go, including web site pages, online order forms, and software for in-plant administration and production management. The entire system is Internet-based so work can be done whenever and wherever necessary. All information is database driven, and linkage is provided to popular shopping cart, credit card clearing, accounting, shipping, and tracking systems.

For online personalized direct mail production of postcards and form letters, Amgraf offers ReadyClickMail™. Please contact Amgraf to receive a login ID and Password if you would like to test our ReadyClickMail solution.


Customers can log-in directly to the online ordering site, or they can be linked from an existing site where they already have log-in privilege. Once into the system, they can order from a list of available products.


The order forms can be branded with dealer’s logos if desired. Everything the customer needs to input and visualize variable personalized information is on the single page order form. Logos and photos can be uploaded, sized, and positioned. Real-time PDF proofs of the order are available by clicking a button. Once the personalization is complete, the quantity, and bill-to/ship-to information can be verified and the order can be submitted. Try the Demo Now!


Within the printing plant, orders are collected and sorted by customer, product type, due date, paper stocks, ink colors, quantities, and many other factors. The production manager can then choose which products to run, and select the printing systems (traditional or digital) and plate configurations to utilize for a batch of products.


Individual orders can be imposed together to make the most efficient use of materials and machines. Once orders are selected for processing, they can be proofed using PDF, or immediately output to the appropriate printing system.


If digital color printing systems are available, mixes of orders can be produced on a single sheet, or roll, ready for post-processing. Shipping labels can also be automatically printed at the top of each stack of printed product.


The System Administrator has complete control over all the database tables, and can quickly setup new companies, dealers, and customers. New products can be added as they become available, and products can be configured and packaged in sets for selected customers.


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