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High-Speed Variable Imaging

Variable Imaging is defined as a digital print run consisting of a static base image (or images) that is overlayed with personalization data. The simplest example is a Form Letter, where the only thing that changes is the Addressee. Instead of creating 1000 different letters for 1000 different people, it is more efficient to create a letter template and merge it with a database file containing 1000 different names.

Amgraf's MECCA 2000 high-speed variable imaging control is available for digital printers which have dedicated Raster Image Processor (RIP) connections. High speed variable imaging allows the base form template to be imaged once and saved in the RIP's memory. The variable data is then RIP'ed and output along with the saved base form. This technique produces faster output times since the base form is RIP'ed only once. Using Amgraf's batch composer, database information can be merged and combined with a pre-RIP'ed static page to drive the Xerox DocuTech printers at full print engine speeds up to 135 pages per minute.

High speed variable imaging can be used for price lists, direct mail, personalized stationary, order forms, checks, etc. With the Programmable Power of MECCA 2000 and the high speed variable imaging commands, large projects with personalization can be accomplished quickly.

Direct Mail Project

Following is an example of a direct mail project with a base letter as a static template and 10 locations throughout the letter personalized from a database.

Example of the High Speed Data File.

Example of the Static Base Letter.

Example of the High Speed Output.

Amgraf ReadyClickMail Flyer describing Solution for Online Ordering of Personalized Direct Mail Products.


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