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Prices Effective December 1, 2023

Commercial Price List
Standard Products and Services
All Amounts in US Dollars
Prices Subject to Change without Notice

No filler license fees are ever required to use Amgraf Electronic Forms.

Part Number Description Commercial
List Price
Section 1 - Computer Graphics, Security Documents, and Electronic Forms Software
2501 MECCA 2000 Software License $19,995
2502 OneForm Designer Plus Software License $9,995
6010 OneForm Stationery Option Software License $7,500
6020 OneForm PDF Forms Generator Software License $2,500
6021 Amgraf Forms Portal Software License $49,995
6029 Forms Portal Graphing Software Option $35,000
6039 Forms Portal Variable Merging Software Option $35,000
6022 HTML/PDF Intranet Forms Server (Includes Computer) $5,500
6024 OneForm Accessibility Option $4,500
6026 OneForm VisiDiff Proofing Automation Software $2,500
6008 LogoDot Technology License $10,000
6007 DotMaker Software License $2,500
Section 2 - Software Maintenance/Support
6012 MECCA 2000 Maintenance Agreement $1,995
6015 OneForm Designer Plus Maintenance Agreement $995
6016 OneForm w/Stationery Option Maintenance Agreement $1,495
6017 OneForm w/PDF Option Maintenance Agreement $1,295
6018 OneForm w/Stationery and PDF Options Maintenance Agreement $1,695
6019 OneForm Accessibility Option Maintenance Agreement $695
6025 OneForm Designer Plus with MECCA III Maintenance Agreement $1,450
6031 Amgraf Forms Portal Maintenance Agreement $3,695
6050 Annual Custom Software Maintenance 18.5% of Delivered Cost
Section 3 - Computer Software Consulting
4001 Customer-site System Installation by Amgraf Technician, Each Day* $650
4004 Custom Set Up Of Font Tables, Formats, Grids, Etc., Per Hour* $65
4005 Programming/Consulting Services By Amgraf Programmer, Each Day* $1,750
4008 Software Installation/Configuration of Customer Computer (At Amgraf) $450
Section 4 - Feasibility Studies
Electronic Forms Feasibility Studies, per Day*
Section 5 - Desktop Publishing Services
Forms Design and Mapping Services, per Hour
Script Writing Services, per Day*
Data Processing Services
Price as Quoted
Section 6 - Software Training, Computer Assisted Training
4002 Customer-site Training (1-4 Operators), per Day* $1,250
4003 Specialized Training, per Day $1,250
4006 5 Day Standard Introductory Training (At Amgraf, 1st Student, per Class) $2,000
4007 5 Day Standard Introductory Training (At Amgraf, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Student, Each) $1,000
4013 Internet-based Training - OneForm Designer Plus, per Hour $150
4014 Internet-based Training - MECCA 2000, per Hour $175
4016 Training, At Amgraf, per day, First Student per Class $400
4017 Training, At Amgraf, per day, Additional Student per Class $200
Section 7 - Documentation, Publications, and Other Software
8001 MECCA III User Guides Volumes 1-4 $79
8002 MECCA 2000 User Guide $99
8021 OneForm Designer Plus User Guides $49
8401 FreeBSD User Manual with Source CD $99

Maintenance, Repair, Support Plan

At Amgraf, customer productivity and support are our main goals. Accordingly, we offer all Licensees a Maintenance Agreement, which is included in the software license price for the first year, and is annually renewable for a fee. Click here for a copy of the Software Maintenance Agreement.

Our Technical Support hours are 7:00am to 6:00pm (Central Time), Monday-Friday (excluding holidays). To contact Technical Support, call 1-800-304-4797 or 1-816-474-4797, or fax 816-842-4477. Email can be sent to

Technical support can also be delivered via an Internet-based interactive meeting. To schedule such a meeting, contact Tech Support at the above numbers.

Training on Amgraf software is offered every week at our Kansas City training facility. To schedule training classes, contact Training Department, Attn: Debra Poll, at 1-800-304-4797 or email

Training can also be delivered via the Internet-based interactive meeting. To schedule, or to request additional information, contact Debra Poll at the above numbers.

Click here for a description of Amgraf’s Technical Services.


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