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Experience the Look and Feel of Amgraf's Software Products

We’ve created a series of product demonstration videos to show you the many important forms design features that Amgraf software has to offer. Just click on the video title to watch a movie. Be sure to turn on your audio to hear the narration.


OneForm Designer Plus Software Demonstrations

Creating Electronic Forms with OneForm Designer Plus
(12 minutes)

Watch as we create an online fillable, submittable, database-connected electronic form using HTML and PDF technologies.

How Amgraf E-forms are Used (12 minutes)
This video shows many examples of online electronic forms. The benefits of HTML and PDF e-forms are explained. E-Forms in International languages are shown.

Examples of E-Form Fill Fields (8 minutes)
Fill fields are the secret to electronic forms. This video shows how fill fields can be specified for different data types including text, numbers, money, dates, lists, photos, and signatures.


MECCA 2000 Software Demonstrations

Overview of MECCA 2000 Software Capabilities (6 minutes)
See Forms and Documents designed by MECCA 2000 Users.

Create a Sample Business Form - Segment 1 (6 minutes)
Watch as we begin the layout of a new business form design.

Create a Sample Business Form - Segment 2 (7 minutes)
In this continuation video we add color and screening to the form.

Create a Sample Business Form - Segment 3 (12 minutes)
In this final video session, we work with text and typefaces to finish the form design. A logo is inserted into the form layout, and the logo is then converted into a phantom image in the form background.

Security Document Features (9 minutes)
This video shows the amazing graphical security features that MECCA 2000 can add to a document design. High security documents are almost impossible to counterfeit or copy.


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