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LogoDots replace conventional halftone dots to add security to any document
U.S. Patent No. 7,196,822 - Amgraf’s Patented Graphical Security Document Technology

Capture any image such as a corporate logo, a photograph, or a key word or phrase, and convert that image into a LogoDot halftone dot that replaces conventional round dots typically used in traditional printing. When compared to conventional halftone dots, LogoDots are much more difficult to faithfully reproduce with commercial photocopiers and scanners, resulting in easily detectable copies. Contact Amgraf to request a free sample kit containing examples of documents protected by LogoDot technology.


More Information About LogoDot


Use Amgraf’s DotMaker software to Convert Any Image into a Custom Halftone Dot


Preview the dot image as the density progresses from 0% (white) to 100% (black).


Examples of LogoDots created from corporate logos, photographs, and key words or phrases.

Use LogoDots to create self-canceling "Void" background patterns.

Original Document Protected by LogoDot
Original Document Protected by Logodot

Color Copy of Document Shows Void Message
Color Copy of Document Shows Void Message



Key Features of LogoDot

  • Use your customer's logo, or any graphic or image, to personalize your printing.
  • Creates an effective, affordable "void" or other pop-out warning message.
  • License agreement also includes rights to NaNOcopy™ technology.

Benefits of LogoDot

  • Protects your customers from loss due to counterfeiting.
  • Differentiates your products from your competitors.
  • Builds a customized product feature set to meet your customer's needs.
  • Enhances your reputation as a value supplier.

License Fees and Costs

  • One-time technology license fee: US$10,000.
  • Annual royalty: 2.5% of sales (minimum US$5,000).
  • DotMakerTM software: US$2,500 (MECCA 2000 add-on).
  • Upgrade license for VFT Portfolio of Patents: US$5,000.

Return On Investment

  • Customized analysis upon request.
  • Can be immediately profitable!

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Protect Documents with LogoDot Halftone Dots

Protect any document with LogoDot custom halftone dots