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Amateur counterfeiting is increasing because color copier and desktop publishing technology make it easy to replicate any document. As a printing professional, you need to advise your customers when there is a counterfeiting risk. Always examine a customer's need for security in their printed prescription pads, checks, tickets, coupons, certificates, and other legal documents. By helping your customer understand the risks, you will gain their trust and appreciation as well as his or her business.

Scanners and color copiers have limits in resolution and color gamut, and by exceeding these limitations, documents can be graphically protected in several ways. One of the most effective copy-resistant graphical techniques is to create a document background with a (self-cancelling) Void Pantograph that contains a hidden message. When photocopied or scanned, the message shows up on the copy.

While Void Pantographs can be defeated by changing the copier density settings, when coupled with other proven graphical effects such as micro-text, fine-line relief, a subtle phantom logo, and a warning band, the lightened copy will lack many details and look fake.


Purchase Void Pantograph Source Files Online

Amgraf has a long history of innovation in security document composition. Our MECCA 2000 software includes exceptional features for designing the most secure documents. While we encourage you to consider licensing MECCA 2000, we know that sometimes all that is needed is a Void Pantograph for a special situation. We can quickly provide what you need at a cost starting at around $150 per pantograph.

Here is how our online service works. First, you will need to register for a technology license. Although there is no charge for this, we need to know who you are and what you will do with our void pantographs.
You can register online by clicking here.
Once you have registered, you will be able to login and order Amgraf void pantographs whenever needed. Once you are registered, you simply:

  • Use your Login and Password to enter the VoidMaker self-service web site
  • Select a Void Technology, Pattern, and Hidden Message
  • Enter Desired Pixel Resolution and Image Size
  • Place Order and Pay with Credit Card
  • Download Digital Files (1-bit TIFF with Documentation)

First time registration usually takes 1 business day, and after that, new void pantographs can be generated and delivered via e-mail within minutes.

You will be able to use Amgraf void pantographs purchased through the VoidMaker service on an unlimited basis within your printing facility. However, if you have multple sites, each site will need a separate license. You are not allowed to resell, redistribute, or relicense a void pantograph. Other restrictions apply as explained in the Void Pantograph End User License Agreement.

Amgraf’s proprietary security technology is available only to reputable document producers who have a legitimate need to manufacture secure documents for lawful customers. To protect against unauthorized usage of our technology, we perform a background check before licenses are granted.

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