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Managing Secure Client Access to a Repository of Electronic and Paper Forms

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The best way for an organization to manage client access to a large repository of electronic forms is with the Amgraf Forms Portal. The forms portal is a browser-based user interface that works through an Internet or Intranet connection. The forms portal is a universal starting point for selecting and opening a variety of electronic forms. It gives users a convenient place to store database-connected OneForm HTML forms, as well as fillable Adobe PDF forms. Contact Amgraf today for a free UserID to test the Forms Portal.


Key Features of the Forms Portal

  • Always On
    The Internet-based forms repository is available 24/7 around the clock.
  • Custom Catalog with Favorites
    Online forms are organized by their Purpose (or Status) within Form Classification folders.
  • Browser Friendly
    Most e-forms are filled using standard HTML. E-forms are always printed and emailed as PDF.
  • Easy to Navigate
    Action buttons to Print a Blank form, Start Filling a New Form, and List/Print/Export filled-in forms.
  • Searchable Database
    Every finalized e-form creates a searchable database record. The “Search Records” button shows a list of e-form that match. The e-forms can be copied and printed, or the list can be exported as a spreadsheet.
  • Photos, Graphics, and Attachments
    Digital photos and other images can be inserted into e-form “graphic” fields. External files can be attached and saved along with a filled-in e-form record. There is also an optional integrated Sketch tool is ideal for making and modifying simple drawings for merging into e-forms.

Forms Portal Home Page
Forms Portal Home Page

  • Intelligent Forms
    E-form input fields have real-time keystroke validation. Dropdown select lists can be dynamically populated from database tables. All date fields have a pop-up calendar for convenience.
  • Supports Multiple Fill Sessions
    Sometimes e-forms cannot be completed in one session, so there is a “Save Draft” button to preserve work-in-progress.
  • Forms Workflow
    Sometime it is necessary for more than one person to be involved when filling out a form. Some forms also need to be approved before a report can be finalized. The Forms Portal supports this kind of online collaboration through Simple Workflow. Clients can send a partially finished e-form to a specific portal user, or to a “group inbox” that is shared by many users.



Online forms catalog with Access Control and
Records Management

With OneForm, a forms designer can upload almost any e-form to the forms portal. These e-form types include:

  • Print-on-Demand
    Forms that can be selected, opened, and printed.
  • Fill-and-Print
    These can be opened, filled out, and then printed.
  • Intelligent Database-Connected Forms
    OneForm e-forms that can be opened, filled out on-screen, submitted (with fill data stored in a database table record), reopened for editing, routed via email, and printed on a local printer.

Client access to e-form classifications can be allowed or denied by the Portal Administrator. Every Client has a Role within the Portal. There is a table used to create and maintain the Roles. The Forms Portal Administrator creates a Role by choosing from the following privileges:

  View Blank Form

  View Filled Form

  Open and Edit Form

  Save Filled Form as Draft

  Submit Form to Workflow

  Return Form to Sender

  Submit Form for Review

  Finalize Form

  Approve Submitted Form

  Search Form Records

  Print Blank Form

  Print Filled Form

  Add New Forms Template

  Revise Existing Forms Template

  Design Reports

  Print Reports

Forms are classified in a variety of ways, usually by department or function. This allows forms to be grouped by use and made easier to locate. Classifications are determined by the Portal Administrator and assigned to a form before it is placed on the hosting server.

Forms Portal Diagram

   Forms Portal Diagram


Opening, Filling, and Saving E-Forms

The Start New button opens the selected form in the browser and makes it available for Client input as defined in the specific form. The List E-Forms button allows a Client to reopen e-forms that have been previously filled out and Saved as Draft. Once opened, the form data can be modified and saved again.

The e-forms are displayed between top and bottom frames. The top frame is used to navigate from page to page within the e-form by clicking a Page Number tab icon. The bottom frame has a row of control buttons that allow the Client to submit the filled e-form. Clients are not allowed to save a blank form as a data record.

The buttons in the control frame include:

  • Help
    Display the Help Document for the current e-form
  • Attach Files
    Attach an external file to the saved e-form record
  • List Files
    Display a list of all attached files for the saved e-form record
  • Submit to Workflow
    Submit the e-form to Workflow, either to a Client or to a Group Inbox
  • Return to Sender
    Return the e-form to the Client that submitted it to Workflow
  • Save Draft
    Save the filled e-form for later changes
  • Finalize
    Finalize the e-form record so that it cannot be changed

E-Forms Workflow and Status

Pre-defined workflows can be embedded into the e-forms design using OneForm Designer Plus.

The Forms Portal also supports Simple (ad-hoc) Workflow to allow Clients to notify other Clients that an e-form has been submitted for review, or for further filling by other users. Workflow occurs by directly contacting one (or more) specific Client UserID, or by depositing an e-form into a shared inbox. When a Client logs into the Forms Portal, they receive a message if workflow items are waiting for them.

Portal Administrator Sections

The administrative functions include panels to:

  • Manage Forms
    Create Classifications and Inboxes
  • Manage Users
    Connect Clients to Forms and Inboxes
  • Manage Reports
    Generate reports detailing Portal Usage, Forms Library, and Productivity
  • Manage Workflow
    Manage the workflow table that specifies the routing for e-forms as their status changes

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Amgraf Forms Portal Software Package

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