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Capabilities to Produce Paper, Electronic, and Internet Forms

Powerful desktop PC’s are widely deployed, color graphical displays are standard, and the Internet is rapidly expanding. Because of this information infrastructure, the paperless office is a goal of many information professionals.


Create Intelligent Electronic Forms with OneForm Designer Plus

Paper business forms, especially internal forms, are prime candidates for replacement with electronic forms. Using Amgraf OneForm Designer Plus, these paper forms can quickly be converted to e-forms and/or fillable PDF forms with the following benefits:

  • The look and feel of the paper form is preserved. This reduces design and training costs, and allows users to gracefully migrate from paper to electronic forms as needed.
  • OneForm HTML electronic forms (sometimes called Internet forms) work great with all the popular Browsers.
  • Existing form designs can be imported from almost any desktop publishing or forms drawing system.
  • Fillable E-forms and PDF forms can be linked together, connected to databases, e-mailed, and electronically signed and secured.
  • When needed, a paper form can be printed on-demand.
  • No client-side filler-license software or license fees are ever required to use electronic forms created with Amgraf OneForm Designer Plus.

OneForm Designer Plus is a complete e-forms authoring tool, with features for the most demanding workflow projects. Because no filler licenses are needed, it is also the most affordable solution for enterprise-wide electronic and/or PDF forms deployment.


Overview of the E-Business Forms Conversion Process

Using OneForm Designer Plus, a single design file can be output as HTML and/or PDF. Electronic forms are output as interactive HTML pages, with JavaScript for intelligence. Fillable PDF forms (including JavaScript) can also be saved directly from OneForm. And if your business forms need to be professionally printed, OneForm designs can be output to color-registered printing plates and digital presses. There are three ways to create a new form design:

  • Import an existing form design file from a desktop publishing system via the PDF interpreter.
  • Draw a new form using the OneForm graphical tools.
  • Copy a form from the OneForm Forms Library, then edit the form by adding personalization and logos.

Fill-fields can quickly be overlayed on top of the form design using the OneForm autofield tool. Field types include textual, numeric, drop-down list, check box, date, time, button, graphic, and signature. Fields can be further defined to control input attributes such as character/line count, case, and numeric formatting. Help messages can be attached to each field, and custom JavaScript programming actions can be triggered when a field is entered or exited.

After the form design is fielded, it can be generated as a fillable HTML e-form or PDF form. Most importantly, JavaScript code is automatically produced along with server-side scripting for saving and recalling the filled-in forms from a website server. The diagrams below show the OneForm process to create electronic forms.



Converting a Paper Form to an Electronic Form

Converting a PDF Image into a Fillable PDF Form



What is Better - HTML or PDF?

HTML electronic forms are great for use where Internet or Intranet access is available. The client does not need to have any pre-loaded “Reader” software because everything works within the browser. E-forms open seamlessly (without the need for “plug-ins” or helper applications) and the user can fill and print the e-form on-demand. When clients are connected to the Internet (or Intranet), filled e-forms are saved in databases on the website server. For disconnected users, Amgraf provides OneForm Manager Lite, a free desktop forms manager that supports local filling and saving of e-forms.

Fillable PDF forms are ideal for printing, because the graphic design specifications are embedded in the PDF file. OneForm Designer Plus supports the best utilizations of e-forms using HTML and PDF technologies.


HTML E-Forms are Best for:

  • Online data collection
  • Dynamic database views
  • Use with external JavaScript function libraries
  • Integration with e-commerce websites

PDF E-Forms are Best for:

  • Printing
  • Field-flattened forms
  • E-mail attachments
  • Archival purposes

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Never Any Silly Fees to Use OneForm E-Forms

With OneForm Designer Plus there are No End-User License Fees, No Form Filler Fees, No Per-Form Fees, No Click-Charge Fees, No Per-Product Fees, No Per-Printer Fees, and No Per-Server Fees.